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Terrasses Montfort Renaissance

48 supportive housing units for people who have been living in a state of chronic homelessness.

The supportive housing program at Les Terrasses Montfort Renaissance was developed for people living or having lived in a state of chronic homelessness. Its main purpose is to provide both housing and the support services that clients require in order to keep such housing.

Clients are offered clinical care, crisis intervention and ongoing support to help them stabilize their housing situation, increase their autonomy and improve their quality of life. These services are in keeping with the harm reduction approach of the “Housing First” model recommended in the City of Ottawa’s 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan.

Les Terrasses Montfort Renaissance, opened in 2017 in Orleans, offer a modern and welcoming environment, and services designed to help individuals find and maintain housing, while increasing self-awareness and improving coping strategies, thereby decreasing the probability of returning to a life of homelessness. Eligibility for the program is determined by the City of Ottawa’s “Housing First” program coordinator, based on several criteria, including the number of days of homelessness in recent years.

For a service request, check with your case manager or contact us at 613.424.3400.

“It’s way better than the shelter, it feels like home. You have good people here that help a lot.”


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