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Working at Montfort Renaissance

If you think you have the qualities we are looking for and want
to contribute to MRI’s mission, then do not hesitate to apply.

Montfort Renaissance Inc. (MRI) is an organization recognized for its services of excellence in providing support to its clients, who are among the most vulnerable in the region.

Working at MRI means being part of a great team that works and cares for the well-being of the clients and their recovery. It also means sharing a common goal of helping people in need.

Based on this principle, working with vulnerable people is not always easy and can be at times challenging. That’s why MRI relies on the recruitment of competent, passionate and motivated people who will be able to adapt to the evolution of the organization as well as changes in its clientele’s needs.

Montfort Renaissance is a continuous learning institution that is growing. This is the perfect place for anyone looking for a unique career opportunity and the possibility to make a difference in the community and in the lives of clients.

Our Team

We are very proud of our team. MRI employees show great solidarity and collaboration with each other in happy times and in difficult times, which enables them to overcome the challenges they may face by serving our clients on a daily basis.

Joining the great team at MRI means joining a young, dynamic, competent, demanding and motivated team that strives for excellence in care and customer service.

Montfort Renaissance recognizes the work of its employees through the employee recognition program, invests in them through the many training sessions offered annually and values its employees by providing them with competitive compensation and benefits, as well as team building activities.

According to the results of our last PULSE survey (2019) on quality of life at work conducted among our employees…

  • 81% responded that their work allows them to make good use of their skills.
  • 83.5% said they received the training they needed to do their job well.
  • 88.6% said the people they work with help each other, and 88.5% said they work with people who treat each other with respect.
  • 84.8% indicated that they are treated fairly by their supervisor.
  • 82% said the workplace is safe.
  • 78.5% say they are satisfied or very satisfied at work.
  • 91% rate their workplace as good, very good or even excellent.
  • 95% would recommend MRI to their friends and family who need services.

If you think you have the qualities we are looking for and want to contribute to MRI’s mission, then do not hesitate.

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