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Understanding How You Can Help Yourself

If you are waiting to start a withdrawal program, here is how you can help yourself in the meantime:

  • Make a list of the pros and cons of withdrawing. One of the first steps towards changing your drug use is to be certain you want to change.
  • Think about how you will spend your leisure time when you’re no longer using your substance. What activities would you like to take up? Boredom can be a trigger to use substances, so start planning to fill your free time with activities.
  • Start a journal. Journaling is a helpful way to record your progress in recovery.
  • Practice saying “no.” One of the highest-risk situations after withdrawal is being offered drugs or alcohol. Saying “no” requires practice.
  • Learn to reward yourself in other ways. In the past, you were perhaps using at the end of the day or on special occasions as a form of treat or reward. It will be vital for you to develop a different reward system.