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Maison Billy Buffett

The Men’s Residential Stabilization Program is a safe, fully renovated home named after a good Samaritain who has dedicated his home to men in need of help with their substance abuse problems, Monsieur Billy Buffett.

The program operates in a bilingual, abstinence-oriented environment which includes harm reduction approaches to reduce withdrawal symptoms. The program is dedicated to assist men with substance abuse problems or concurrent disorders, and who are vulnerably housed. Our goal is to support and stabilize our clients before they go to a residential addiction treatment program. This program is focused on bridging the gap between withdrawal management and addiction treatment services.


The program offers services to men aged 16 years and older who are in recovery and have no acute withdrawal symptoms.

Men seeking services must be homeless or vulnerably housed, meaning their housing status in unstable, violent, or does not support their sobriety.

They must also complete their withdrawal in a residential withdrawal management facility to ensure they are not experiencing any acute withdrawal symptoms.

Men seeking services must have the goal of attending longer term addiction treatment services after their stay at Maison Billy Buffett. As a result, they must also have a valid assessment and referral completed with the Service Access to Recovery (SAR).


Our facility has been completely renovated in order to provide our residents with a safe and healthy therapeutic environment.

We are located within Ottawa at a confidential location in order to preserve the safety of our residents.


Every aspect of our program has been created using empirical research and best practices related to men-specific services in addictions and concurrent disorders. Our program includes group programming, acupuncture applied to detoxification, meditation, personal programming that is client-centered, as well as life skills programming such as housework, personal scheduling, working as a team, and overall routine development. Our goal, as a pre-treatment stabilization residence, is to support our clients in a way that provides them structure but also allows them to maintain their autonomy.

We have bilingual counsellors working 24/7 in order to provide our residents with around the clock support. Our counsellors offer crisis intervention, one-on-one counselling, motivational interviewing, and they also connect residents to other services they may require.


Our program is designed for men who have the goal of abstinence, and who desire a lifestyle that empowers and encourages sober-living. The team believes that all residents have the right to recovery and residents are asked to respect and support that right within the program community. We allow men to heal and regain their self-esteem and independence so that they can continue their journey towards sobriety.


We are here to help you.