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Board of Directors

The purpose of Montfort Renaissance’s (MRI) board of directors (BoD) is to ensure the achievement of MRI’s mission, vision and operational objectives. The BoD is composed of twelve (12) directors, who are volunteers from the community.

Board members have a range of skills and expertise in order to ensure the good governance of MRI. A skills matrix of board members is reviewed and updated regularly. Consult the biography of each board member here.

Board members have a term of three (3) years, which may only be renewed three (3) times at the annual general meeting.

For more information about the BoD and the duties, responsibilities and obligations of the members, please read the administrative regulations (only available in French).

Public Participation

The purpose of MRI’s annual community public assembly is to facilitate communication and exchanges between MRI, the community, our clientele and the general public. This assembly provides a good opportunity to learn more about our programs and services, as well as our accreditation and quality improvement processes.