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Needing help or services?

If you need help, are looking for services or, simply, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by calling the number on this page or by sending us a message by clicking

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159 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 5M7
Telephone: 613.241.1266
Fax: 613.562.3021


Service Access to Recovery (SAR)
338 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario  K1L 6B3
Telephone: 613.241.5202


Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre
1777 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario  K1J 6N1
Telephone: 613.241.1525


Maison Gilles-Chagnon
Confidential location
Telephone: 613.748.6652


Maison Billy Buffett
Confidential location
Telephone: 613.421.3116

Mental Health

Mental Health Programs
338 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario  K1L 6B3
Telephone: 613.742.0988
Fax: 613.742.0986


Ateliers de l’Élan
346 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario  K1L 6B3
Telephone: 613.744.2244


Terrasses Montfort Renaissance
1900 St-Joseph Boulevard, Orléans, Ontario K1C 1E4
Telephone: 613-424-3400


Résidence Montfort Renaissance
162 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5M8
Telephone: 613.789.5133
Fax: 613.789.9734


Centre de services Guigues
159 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5M7
Telephone: 613.241.1266
Fax: 613.562.3021