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Montfort Renaissance offers, in French,
a wide range of services for seniors in the Ottawa region,
so that they may continue to be part of their community for as long as possible.

Staff members at Montfort Renaissance can help you through the following services:

Résidence Montfort Renaissance‘s mission is to offer assisted living services to high risk seniors. In order to assist these persons and allow them to stay in their community for as long as possible, Résidence Montfort Renaissance offers
support services 24 hours a day.

At the Centre de services Guigues, seniors in the Ottawa region, as well as adults living with a disability, can benefit, in French, from a wide range of community support services and socio-recreational activities that aim to entertain,
equip and support them.

Are you looking for help or services?

If you are looking for help, if you require services or if you simply have questions, do no hesitate to contact us by sending us a message through the attached form.

We will be glad to contact you shortly.

“As you listen to my voice, please hear Bill’s voice as well when I express how profoundly grateful we are for the excellent care and services that were received at the Résidence Montfort Renaissance. Much more than this, the truly genuine manner in which thoughtful care was offered, the compassion of the staff and the consideration demonstrated by management well surpassed our expectations. Thank you for supporting us during this difficult process. Your kindness will never be forgotten.”

Bill's wife

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