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Understanding How We Can Help You at Service Access to Recovery

Service Access to Recovery (SAR) is the gateway to addiction treatment in the Ottawa area.

It is the starting point for people 16 years of age and older who are concerned about substance use and want to understand and discuss treatment options. SAR navigators provide assessments of addiction problems and build need profiles to refer you directly to the program that best suits you, based on your recovery expectations. People under 16 who use opioids will be assessed and referred as a priority (parents can call to start the assessment and referral process).

Since our access service is funded by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), it provides access to care that is free for Ontario residents, although the Ontario health care card may be required to access some of the agencies to which we may refer you. SAR navigators will offer information to you and your relatives, and will provide help and support while you are waiting to start the treatment that was referred to you.

SAR gives you priority access to a nurse practitioner who is an expert in addiction and mental health, who will assess your health needs and prescribe the appropriate treatment. The SAR navigator and the nurse practitioner are bilingual professionals and will welcome you in one of the two official languages, ​​according to your preference.