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Montfort Renaissance, a non-profit community organization, was founded in July 2002. Its name reflects both organizations from which its creation originated: Montfort Hospital and Horizons Renaissance.

In 2012, to better meet the mental health, substance abuse and housing needs of Francophones residing in Eastern Ontario, Montfort Renaissance and Horizons Renaissance (founded in 1984) merged to improve the continuum of health services within their area of interest. Proud of its past, the new board decided to keep the name Montfort Renaissance.

Today, Montfort Renaissance has more than 160 employees and offers a wide variety of programs, altogether serving more than 7,000 clients.

Montfort Renaissance helps more than 300 people with housing either in the community or in its own housing units, at la Maison Gilles-Chagnon, at Terrasses Montfort Renaissance or at Résidence Montfort Renaissance. The organization also offers withdrawal management services to several thousands of clients per year as well as rehabilitation and clinical services in mental health to more than 450 people each year.

Since 2019, it also offers in French, a wide range of support services and socio-recreational activities designed for seniors in the Ottawa region, through the Centre de services Guigues.