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There is nothing more important to Montfort Renaissance than maintaining the health and well-being of its clients and staff.

With regards to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), rest assured that we are taking all necessary precautions according to the recommendations of public health agencies and the Ministry of Health. We encourage you to do the same.

For the latest news on the virus, visit Ottawa Public Health. 

In short : how is MRI responding?

COVID Frontline Wellness

Health care workers are at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased feelings of stress, worry and anxiety are normal under these conditions. It is important to recognize the impact of COVID-related stress on your wellbeing and build coping skills that can help you get and stay healthy.

COVID Frontline Wellness can help.

COVID Frontline Wellness provides health care workers with confidential access to services and tools to support your mental wellbeing.

Montfort Renaissance is collaborating with The Royal and other community partners to bring this service to health care workers throughout Ontario.

Getting started is simple.  Just book an appointment online and a clinician will call you to listen, provide support and connect you with the services that are right for you.  For more information and to book go to:

Services are available in English and French to any resident of Ontario who works in a hospital, long-term care facility, retirement or group home, paramedic service, primary care or community health care setting.

Program closures

Until further notice, Montfort Renaissance has decided to close the following programs:

Addiction Services

  • Day Program – Withdrawal Management

Mental Health Services

  • Ateliers de l’Élan

Services for Seniors

Certain programs and activities at the Centre de services Guigues are cancelled until further notice :

  • Day programs (regular program and specialized program)
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Community Support
    • “Épicerie-Bus”
    • Palliative support
    • Support for caregivers
    • Friendly visits
    • Foot Care Clinic
    • Free Tax Clinic
    • Meal services on site

The transportation service is maintained for medical appointments. We also offer meal delivery, upon request.

Virtual Activities

For the Ateliers de l’Élan and the Centre de services Guigues, the virtual programs (only available in French) are posted in the Calendar section.

Restriction of visitors

For our living environments (Résidence Montfort Renaissance, Terrasses Montfort Renaissance, Maison Gilles Chagnon and Maison Billy Buffett), only essential visitors are allowed to enter and are actively screened. Those who fail the screening will not be allowed to enter.

Follow-ups by phone

For mental health programs, follow-ups with clients are maintained by telephone.

For the Service Access to Recovery (SAR), clients are no longer seen in person and screening / triage is done remotely. Clients with high risk factors (requiring medical withdrawal, opioid dependence, etc.) will be screened over the phone. All active clients on the waiting list (have been assessed, referred, and are awaiting admission to treatment) are routinely contacted by telephone, reassured, supported, and informed by SAR navigators. If their situation has evolved to a high-risk level, the new screening / triage protocol is applied. Otherwise, they will receive a list of virtual support options offered by various treatment agencies and other regional and provincial resources (including the Community Withdrawal Management Service at the Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre).

Active screening

For the Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre, active screening is in place for new admissions. Individuals who fail the screening will not be admitted.

Strengthening our hygiene measures

A hand disinfection station is installed at the entrance of all our buildings. In addition to regular cleaning, surfaces that are frequently touched by hands are cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day and when visibly soiled.

All our staff members are trained and take the necessary precautions (hand washing, wearing personal protective equipment, etc.) to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for everyone.

Meetings and remote follow-ups

Montfort Renaissance has put in place a series of technological tools to allow our team members to meet remotely and to facilitate teleworking for staff members who need to stay at home.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, your patience and take care of yourself and your family!