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Discover the following interviews and articles (only available in French) related to the press release below!

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  • The Director of Senior’s Services of Montfort Renaissance, Michel Tremblay, aired on UNIQUE FM on May 14 2020

Faced with the confinement of the senior Francophone clientele during the COVID-19 pandemic, Montfort Renaissance and Retraite en Action set up simple and easily accessible remote services.

Ottawa, March 19th, 2020 – Both Montfort Renaissance’s (MRI) Community Support Services and our partner Retraite en Action’s (REA) teams are working to re-establish “Mon centre à distance” through an online platform where seniors can talk to each other about different topics. We will also offer a programming adapted to the current situation. The Centre de services Guigues (CSG), now amalgamated with MRI, and Retraite en Action have had to temporarily stop their social activities in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our teams are rolling up their sleeves to meet the needs of our clients.

“The concept Mon centre à distance was successfully carried out in winter 2019, but this pilot project stopped with the end of the grant. We decided to relaunch it for Francophone seniors who are homebound,” said the Executive Director of MRI, Mrs. Jeanne-Hélène Tardivel. She went on to say that “the programming will take into consideration various types of needs: a variety of cultural and social presentations, discussion and support groups, and games that can meet several types of clienteles”.

“For Retraite en Action, it’s a great way to continue to provide our members with opportunities to share, learn, exchange ideas and break isolation”, says Mrs. Anne-Marie Laurendeau, the Executive Director of REA.

Furthermore, several informed us that their medical appointments had been cancelled. However, we will continue to provide transportation for the medical appointments that have been maintained, and to deliver meals and food basics  the senior clientele would need.

Finally, the team of employees and volunteers are working together to contact the most vulnerable people by phone in order to maintain a support network and ensure that they get the necessary support to reduce the feeling of loneliness during this exceptional period.

“It is my dearest wish that each and every client of Montfort Renaissance will not be abandoned during this pandemic,” said the Director of Senior Services, Mr. Charles Simard. “We will implement a programming that allows us to stay in touch and take care of each and everyone”.

For more information, people can contact us at 613-241-1266, consult the programming of Mon centre à distance (only available in French) or visit our Facebook page:

For more information about Retraite en Action:


Contact: Michel Tremblay, Director of Senior’s Services

613-789-5133 ext. 221